Pâtisserie des Flandres, the French waffle expert !

Our history :

Located in the heart of French Flanders in Erquinghem-Lys (Hauts-de-France), Pâtisserie des Flandres introduces our traditional butter waffles and savoury wafer crackers.


A history of success :

In addition to our long history of producing high quality traditional butter waffles or gourmet cheese crackers, we use our know-how and expertise to create innovative, tasty and trendy products, thanks to our intensive R&D process:


Among the recent innovations, we pride ourselves with a new SIAL innovation award in 2020. Our small size waffles filled with Maroilles cheese PDO are the winners of the Sial Innovation 2020 award in their category (deli food) & Silver Sial Innovation 2020 award all categories. It is our 2nd one in 10 years! In 2010, our Organic veggie crackers “Croc’légumes” had already won the Sial Innovation award and still are until now unique in their kind.


High level quality and IFS certification :

Our company moved to a brand-new factory in 2009. Since then, Pâtisserie des Flandres has upgraded all the facility equipment. We follow very strict control procedures and we train our staff to ensure the highest levels of quality and consistency.

We comply with international standards, we are IFS certified at higher level since 2011, and we have an organic production certification.


Our Values :

- Quality & Tradition:

o   Made in France with traditional know-how

o   Certified IFS high level and certified for organic productions

o   Traceability management of our products,

o   Clean Label recipes: using natural ingredients, no preservatives, no palm oil, no colors, no artificial flavours

o   Continuous improvement of our recipes to offer the best products to the consumers


- Social responsibility:

o   Care for health & safety of employees

o   Respect for our employees 

o   Member of the Sedex international organization

o   Fair business practices with customers and suppliers


- Environment:

o   Local sourcing when possible, products with the “Saveur en Or” label

o   Policy of waste reduction,

o   Recycling our wastes for bio fuel and for neighboring farms animal feeding

o   Optimizing of energy use 

Our products :

Savoury line :


Cheese butter crackers, all natural ingredients, bite size cracker. We use 30 to 40% real cheese in the recipes that we melt in the waffle dough for an authentic taste in this crispy small cracker, a gourmet snack.


Shelf life: 365 days

Net WT: 60g


Trésors Gourmands, French Waffl­e Specialist invites you to discover the French Butter Crackers for a gourmet snack in 4 recipes:


Maroilles PDO cheese crackers :

with Maroilles cheese for a tasty and gourmet snack! The butter crackers are baked in France with traditional know-how, using the traditional ripened French Maroilles PDO cheese. Maroilles is a soft, aromatic cheese with subtle taste from the Northern France region “Hauts-de-France”.



Comté PDO cheese & pepper:

Those tasty small crackers are baked in France with traditional know-how, using the best renowned French Comté PDO cheese.

Comté is a semi-hard French Alpine cheese from the Franche-Comté region. Each cracker is lightly blended with a hint of black pepper for an authentic tasting, gourmet Butter Cracker.




Roquefort (blue cheese) PDO & honey:

Our French Butter Crackers with Roquefort & honey are baked in France with traditional know-how, using the famous French Roquefort PDO cheese.


Roquefort is a semi-hard blue cheese from south of France, crafted from ewe (sheep) milk. Each cracker is lightly blended with a hint of honey for an authentic and ‑ne tasting, gourmet Butter Cracker.


Chorizo & Mozzarella:

Our French Butter Crackers with Chorizo & Mozzarella are an enticing combination of Mozzarella and traditional mild Chorizo, a cheesy and savory twist!


Larger size wafer cracker, lightly enhanced with herbs, to pair with cheese, smoked salmon, fine meats, … as canapés


Shelf life: 365 days

Net WT: 95g


6 recipes available:


Sea salt:

Our lightly sea salted crackers will fit with all kind of cheeses or fine meats. You can also dip them in your favorite sauce.


Poppy & pepper:

Small roasted poppy seeds give this crispy cracker a unique flavor you can enjoy straight up. You’ll also love combining them with creamy cheeses, Brie, Cheddar or Parmesan.



You’ll love them as a thin base to receive smoked salmon or smoked swordfish. Enjoy them also by combining them with guacamole or with your favorite cheese.


Garlic & herbs:

Try them with anything from goat cheese & soft-ripened cheeses to marinated salmon, sliced mushrooms or fine meats.


Olive oil & basil:

The olive oil enhanced by the basil fresh taste give this crispy cracker a unique flavor.


Whole grain:

Whole grain flour enhanced by brown linen grains give this crispy cracker an all-natural taste simply so good. Perfectly toasty, pair them with your best cheese, ham or spreads for a unique crispy taste experience. They are also great to eat straight from the box...

Organic lines :


All natural, a variety of innovative and tasty recipes for a trendy Organic snack.


Shelf life: 365 days

Net WT: 60g


Emmental cheese:

The 30% real organic Emmental cheese incorporated into the recipe grills during cooking and gives the small crackers its unique color and flavor.


Pumpkin seeds:

Full of pumpkin seeds and grilled poppy with the right amount of salt from Guérande, those organic wafer crackers will delight you.


Sweet beet and balsamic vinegar:

The beautiful color comes exclusively from organic beets that we use in juice and puree. The mild flavor of the vegetable is enhanced with a dash of vinegar.


Made of 40% vegetable (purée and concentrated juice) and 30% fruit, no added sugar, no flavor, no color, also clean label and organic, these crackers have won the SIAL innovation award 10 years ago, and are still unique in their kind thanks to the high % of vegetable in a crispy cracker. All the taste and color come from the vegetables or fruit.


Shelf life: 365 days

Net WT: 40g


3 recipes:


Carrot & cumin:

The carrot, flavored with Cumin, will bring you, thanks to this unique and crispy wafer, a tasty flavor for your snacks. A pleasure shared by all, its orange color will make the meal more fun for children ... it is easy to have fun with vegetables!



Sweet beet & shallot:

These organic vegetable crackers are rich in vegetables, they can be served on any occasion, as snack or for dipping. Baked in the oven, it brings an original and tasty note.


Apple & cinnamon:

Croc’Pommes is rich in apple, lightly enhanced with cinnamon. The recipe uses more than 30% apples to obtain a tasty organic wafer, very rich in taste and crispy to perfection.

Sweet lines :


Thin crispy butter waffles made with traditional know-how from the Flanders region in northern France, delicious paired with dessert or coffee.

Elegant presentation in serving tray.


Shelf life: 279 days

Net WT: 220g